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I have been working in all aspects of non-profit administration since 1988 in public libraries, religious organizations and community service organizations.  I bring a wide-range of skills to my work as a non-profit consultant, helping organizations to fulfill their missions.

Services I can offer:

  • QuickBooks Set-up and Training

    • New custom installation and set-up to meet your needs

    • Analysis of current set-up with recommendations for improvement

    • Staff Training: Depending on current level of skill and the organization's budget, this can involve one session, or a few sessions, with follow-up supervision for a period of time.

    • Accounting Basics: analyzing the employee's understanding of accounting basics, payroll processing, and financial reporting standards.  Developing training to fill in any gaps in knowledge.

  • Board / Administration Development Workshops:

    • Working Together Effectively: Strategies for Positive Group Process

    • Understanding the Role of Trustees in Non-Profit Organizations

    • Defining or Updating your Mission Statement

    • Policy Development and Implementation

    • Creating a Healthy Workplace and a Service-Motivated Workforce

    • Work-flow analysis, Job Descriptions, Staff Training & Evaluation

    • Understanding Financial Reports

    • Financial Oversight: Developing policies and procedures to protect your organization

    • Developing Trustee Manuals: The Importance of Passing on the Knowledge

    • Integrating New Trustees for Effective Participation

    • Handling Conflict Effectively and Creatively

  • Staff Development Workshops

    • Stress Management

    • Effective Communication Skills

    • Handling Conflict Effectively and Creatively

    • Teamwork Building: Collaboration, Innovation and Service


  • Other Consulting Services

    • I can also take a more hands-on approach with many of the Board Development Workshop Topics listed above and work directly with the Board, Director and/or staff to develop policies, procedures, job descriptions, training programs, evaluation methodologies, trustee manuals, etc.; and coach staff on implementation.

    • I am available to help an organization manage a transition, where there may be a gap in staffing that needs temporary filling by an experienced professional in any of the capacities indicated by my offerings listed above, and my attached Resume.

Feel free to discuss other needs you have, and I may be able to  create a program to address them.

The cost of these services depends on the size and budget of the organization.  I am willing to work with you to meet your needs.

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