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Whatever challenges you face,

whatever dreams you want to unfold

Let's explore them together!

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Jeanne Merkel at Greenport Dances by Est

What is Coaching?


Coaching is an invitation to step into your power:

the power of living from your Core of Authenticity

with skillful responsiveness to all life brings.

Coaching is a journey of self-discovery and commitment to fully engaging your challenges and consciously developing your unique gifts.

Coaching is a relationship of mutual respect and trust that calls out your strengths and sharpens your ability to envision new possibilities and take fruitful action.

Coaching is a space for You to tune in to your true desires, to leave behind the tyranny of "shoulds", and to take risks that bring you into bold engagement with your full potential.

You are invited to step into your power

and live your life boldly!



My style of coaching is intuitive and process oriented. 

I firmly believe that there is a wisdom guiding each one of us, and I respect the inner work that is already taking place within you. I provide the deep listening and thought-provoking questions that assist you in finding your own path forward.

I have found that it is best not to rush in and impose order and goals on a person's process, but to take some time exploring around the edges, so that deeper insights and goals can emerge. When you are ready, the form your action needs to take will be clear.

I believe in the power of conversational knowing -

that we often discover what is true for us in the process of engaging in deep conversation with a trusted ally. 

And so, my commitment to you is to be fully present in the moment, sensing what is arising in you and helping you to bring it forth, clarify it and embody it.

I am also committed to seeing you in your wholeness: mind, heart, spirit and body, and finding ways to engage all of who you are in the discovery process.  The compass rose is a symbol of wholeness, of honoring wisdom from all the portals of knowing and feeling centered in the truth of your own experience.

As you think about the challenges that brought you to seek out coaching,

tune into your own inner compass,

to the core values that guide you,

to the wisdom life has brought you,

to what is seeking to emerge in your life.


Sense your growing edges.


Sense the possibilities that could arise as you fully engage your challenges with your inner compass activated, and the support of a skillful coach.


You are invited

to step into your power,

and should you accept the invitation..

I would be honored to work with YOU.

Step Out and Live Your Life With Boldness!

I look forward to hearing from you!  

Jeanne Marie

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