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SoulCollage® is a fun and empowering process of making a set of collaged  cards to assist you in learning more about your inner life and in accessing your own inherent wisdom and guidance. It is an especially useful tool when navigating life transitions of all kinds, as well as for daily guidance for everyday decisions and issues.   

This wonderful technique was developed by Seena Frost as described in her book "SoulCollage® Evolving". 

And Best of All: No art experience is needed! You will be amazed at the images that evolve intuitively! 

We access the wisdom of these cards by dialoguing with the images and by doing readings.  Readings can be done to request guidance for an issue in your life, or to get to know the different voices within your psyche or the archetypes and animal companions that have come to bring you guidance.  Through a dialogue process you learn what they have to teach you and what they are asking of you. 

SoulCollage® Facilitators are trained in providing safe space, so that your creativity can flourish.  Sharing images in community adds another dimension to the SoulCollage® experience - fostering a sense of support, trust and belonging. The worldwide SoulCollage® community is a fantastic tribe of creative, open-hearted, evolving human beings.    


I have suspended offering in-person classes until we are safely on the other side of the Covid-19 Crisis.
If you are interested in learning the process, please contact me and I'd be happy to share resources and help you get started.

My SoulCollage® experience:

I became a SoulCollage® facilitator in 2004, studying with the founder, Seena Frost.  I have assisted Anne Marie Bennett in training over 300 SoulCollage® facilitators.  I lead workshops locally and throughout the NorthEast United States, and have facilitated workshops for the international SoulCollage® Facilitator community. My specialties are: Integrating Ritual in the SoulCollage® process, and  Navigating Life Transitions with SoulCollage®.

For more info on SoulCollage®    see


SoulCollage card images are for personal use only.

We honor the photographers and artists

whose images have enriched our lives and

contributed to our personal growth.

Blessings to You on Your Journey!

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