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5 Rhythms Dance Playlists

5 Rhythms is a Dance Modality created by Gabrielle Roth

It is described in her book "Maps to Ecstasy" and on the 5 Rhythms website 

It is a free-form dance, that follows a natural progression known as a "Wave"

from Flowing to Staccato to Chaos to Lyrical and back to Stillness.

5 Rhythms can be a solo movement practice, or you can join a Dance Tribe!

When dancing in a group we begin with a warm-up, then gather in an opening circle for introductions, and then we dance in silence through the wave and end by coming back into community in circle.  Just follow wherever the music leads you! There are no steps to learn - let the Rhythms be your guide, let them work in you and bring you to a deep sense of Presence and Aliveness.  Blessings!

I have begun to gather music in Spotify Playlists for each of 5 Rhythms and the Transitions between them.  Below you will find links to my Spotify playlists.

Since Spotify doesn't allow guests to see my playlists in the natural order - it is easier to access them from this page. This is a work in progress!

You will need to have a Spotify account to access these playlists.


My goal is to use these lists to create a series of 90 minute "Waves" with various themes.  Feel free to make your own playlists by choosing a few songs in each rhythm category that feel like they flow well together.  The songs are just in the order that I found them. Some are beloved songs I've danced to for years, and others are new to me. So feel free to experiment and use these playlists as a springboard for your own exploration.

Get ready to Dive Into the Wave!

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