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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Are You Longing to Live in Alignment with your Authentic Spiritual Self? 

Welcome to the Edge of Possibility

Where you leave behind the sleep of cultural reality and dare to be

True to what is Essential:

Essential to your Nature,

Essential for the Wellbeing of the Whole

Come out of the desert of distraction; Leave behind the wasteland of stress; Drink from the Wellspring of Wisdom Within you.

Claim your freedom.

Know that an Authentic Spiritual Life

is your Birthright.

Spiritual Coaching can help you get there.


Together we will explore your values, spiritual history, outdated beliefs, experiential truths, dreams, intuitions and calls to service.

We'll work to develop spiritual practices and rituals that are meaningful and fulfilling for you & your family.

You will be empowered to live in alignment with your Authentic Self, deepen your relationship with the Sacred (however you define that Mystery)

and follow your True Calling.

Spiritual Coaching sessions are usually an hour and a half, to give ourselves space for meditation, ritual, and other creative ways to access your spiritual knowing.

I have training and experience in many spiritual traditions, and I honor your unique expression.

​I always offer a free consultation to assess your needs, and for you to get a feeling for the many benefits spiritual coaching can provide.


Sessions can be in person, at my home or yours,

somewhere out in nature, or by phone.

"To be spiritual is to be natural. 

It is to come into rhythm with your own deepest nature and belonging." 

John O'Donohue in Anam Cara

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