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Coaching FAQ

What is Coaching?


The International Coach Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

Coaching is a partnership based on mutual respect and accountability. 

It is an investment that you make in yourself, yielding immediate and long-range returns.

It can also be an exciting adventure of discovery and exhilarating good fun!

And most importantly, in coaching, YOU, the CLIENT, are in charge!

In every session YOU decide what you'd like to focus on, what goals you want to work on, how you want to work on them.

As coach, I will help to guide the process, but always by listening carefully and following your agenda!


Is coaching right for me?


If you are ready to fully engage in the process of examining and working through your challenges, tapping into your strengths,

and creating change in your life, then coaching will most likely be beneficial. 


Coaches do not give advice like a consultant might.  They ask empowering questions to help you find your own solutions. Your commitment makes all the difference.  It is essential to have a willingness to follow through by taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals. 


Sometimes at the beginning, it is not clear what your goals are, and that is fine.  The process itself will draw them out. Not all coaching is "goal-oriented." Sometimes your "goal" may be to make time to honor BEING rather than DOING.  Or it may be to clarify your life purpose. Each person has their own style and needs, and as your coach, I will follow your lead at all times. 

Can we have in-person coaching sessions?


Yes we can!  If you are local to the East End of Long Island, NY, or visiting the area, we can do in person sessions.  I live and have my Coaching Space on Shelter Island, a magical place nestled between the two forks of Long Island.  It is reachable by ferry either from Greenport or North Haven (near Sag Harbor).  The trip is gorgeous and so treat yourself to the journey across the waters and enter into a more laid-back island time.  This commitment to self-care can be an integral part of your coaching work. 


I also travel off island regularly to see family and friends, and so we have sessions at a mutually agreed location on the East End. See my Contact  page for more information.

Can we do coaching sessions by phone or internet video conferencing?


Yes we can!  Coaching is just as effective by phone as in person.  Sometimes we have a first session using video conferencing, as it helps us get acquainted and subsequent sessions by phone.  There are times when video conferencing can be distracting, and so we will figure out what works best for both of us, based on the situation.  If you are local to the East End of Long Island, NY, we can also do in person sessions.  See my Contact  page for more information.

What happens during a coaching session?


We begin our work together with a Discovery Session, where we design our coaching partnership. We will talk about where you are now, what strengths and resources you possess, the challenges you currently face, what holds you back and limits you, your vision of your future, and how you'd like to be living.  You can chose several areas you'd like to focus on, and goals you'd like to achieve.


During our sessions I provide a safe environment that encourages you to discuss your issues and challenges on a deeper level.

I listen carefully and ask questions to help you gain greater clarity and focus.

Each session has its own dynamic and is responsive to whatever is happening in your life at the moment. 

I have no agenda but to follow what is emerging for you. 


Sessions can be used for goal-setting, to devise a plan of action and to support and monitor your progress as you implement your plan. We might brainstorm to generate new ideas, options and possibilities. We might explore limiting beliefs and assumptions that hold you back, and find ways to move past those blockages.


As your ally and partner I help you tap into your inner wisdom and find the strategies and resources that will generate momentum and enable your progress. At times, I will challenge you to step-up and out of your comfort zone.

What happens in between sessions?


Between sessions you will be integrating your insights and coaching work into your life, and you have my support by email or phone as needed.  There is no extra charge for brief check-ins between scheduled sessions.

How long will it take for me to reach my goals?


It depends upon your level of commitment and the amount of time, energy and action taken between coaching sessions.

At least two months is recommended for new habits, patterns of thinking and goal oriented behavior to be established,

but some clients make significant progress in less time as well.  There are also times when you want extended support to see you through a challenging transition period. 


We can always create an individualized plan that meets your needs.  After completing a segment of your work, you may want to just dive into LIVING it - and then return to work on the next phase.  You are in charge!

How is coaching different from counseling or psychotherapy?


Coaching may include many of the characteristics of Counseling and Psychotherapy. 

The distinguishing factor is that psychotherapists and counselors are specifically trained to address difficult psychological challenges, such as depression, severe anxiety or PTSD, and coaches are not.


Therapists often work deeply with the thoughts, feelings and perceptions associated with past experiences,

whereas coaching is more focused on the present and on getting you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

While insights and “aha!” moments are quite common in coaching, the greater emphasis is on how to apply them to the achievement of your goals.


Coaching is an action-oriented approach designed to help highly functioning individuals reach even greater levels of success, fulfillment, authenticity and engagement.  If you are currently working with a psychotherapist, coaching can provide additional support that can help you achieve your goals in other areas of your life.

How does the coaching process work?


As your partner, I want the very best for you. I will be your ally, cheerleader and confidant.

I will listen and support you fully, hold you accountable to your coaching agenda, monitor your progress and provide feedback

and guidance to keep you moving in the direction of your goals. I will also ask a lot of questions...creative and sometimes difficult questions.   A great coach doesn't have the answers...but she does ask perceptive questions!

As coaching progresses, you will become more aware of the possibilities and opportunities that surround you.


We will work together to devise and implement a strategic plan of action that will move you forward. I will encourage you to develop and use your strengths, skills and talents to your greatest advantage, which will enable you to make smarter decisions and take more decisive and effective action in a timely manner.

With each action step, the coaching process unfolds and gains momentum.

As you continue to learn, grow and change you will be motivated and inspired to think bigger about what you can accomplish. You can count on me to give you that gentle (or if you prefer, not so gentle!) nudge when you need it. I will ask more of you than you have ever asked of yourself. In time, you will ask and expect even more of yourself. 

The safety of the comfort zone will be less comfortable.

With compassion, humor and enthusiasm I will challenge you to do and be your best. I will provide a safe, structured environment that supports and encourages you to take risks and do things differently than you have in the past. I will challenge you to reach for more - much more -  because I believe in you and your ability to access the untapped potential within you.


Can we shift focus during our work together?


Throughout our work together, I encourage you to be fully open and honest about your needs and concerns, and to feel free to let me know if we need to shift focus.  Coaching is a fluid relationship that is responsive to changing tides and inner and outer conditions.  I will always bring myself fully present to our relationship and follow your lead, so that the coaching experience will be a fruitful one for you.  Your commitment to the coaching work is the key to creating change, so dive in!

What training do you have and what coaching models do you utilize?


I was trained by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and am a Certified Professional Coach. 

I am also trained in the Energy Leadership Index Assessment tool that was created by iPEC.  I integrate the philosophy of Energy Leadership into all the coaching I do, and I can also focus directly on Energy Leadership Development Coaching.

See my About Me page to explore the lifetime of experience in many fields that informs my coaching practice.

 How will I  know if you are the right coach for me?


As is true of any relationship, the right fit is essential. I offer a one hour complimentary consultation to help us get to know each other better, give you the opportunity to ask questions and for us to discuss the kinds of changes you want to make and how coaching can help you get there.  One thing you can count on is that I will always honor what is best for YOU, so I want you to share honestly any concerns you have.  As a professional, I can handle it!   Relationships sometimes take time to deepen and develop, so you can always try a few sessions and then we can re-evaluate together to determine what the best course of action is for YOU.  This re-evaluation process is valuable in itself, because it helps you learn to recognize and articulate your needs. 

How do I get started?


That's the subject of a whole page in itself:  Please visit: 

Work With Me!

Did you Know?

In Coaching You are Always at the Helm!

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