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Mother's Support Coaching

Mother's Support Coaching

As a mother, grandmother and former Early Childhood Educator, I know how challenging mothering can be!  We were not meant to carry this burden alone.  Inter-generational support is the norm in all indigenous societies.

Give yourself the gift of support from a compassionate, insightful Grandma, who is in touch with today's challenges and children's developmental needs, and anchored in the wisdom that comes from a lifetime of engaging parenting challenges and inter-generational healing with courage, humility and grace.


My primary focus is to support you in trusting your own instincts and tapping into the wellspring of self-nourishing life force, experiential wisdom, spiritual insight, and playful creative experimentation that enables you to be present to your children in  transformative ways.

I have a strong background in Developmental Psychology and am excited about current insights from Neuropsychology and Attachment Theory that can make the Parent-Child relationship so much more rewarding, and help children to get a secure start.

Most importantly, I bring a calming presence and an open heart, and a deep passion for nurturing mothers and families.

I look forward to meeting you and exploring how I can be of support.

Blessings,  Jeanne Marie

Test the Waters - Get your Feet Wet!

All my coaching begins with a free consultation,

by phone or in person, to assess your needs

and give you a sense of how coaching

can help you achieve your goals.

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