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Empowering Courageous Individuals to Navigate Challenging Life Transitions
with Resilience, Skill
and Creative Vision


The slideshow above

illustrates the many kinds of transitions we all go through during our lifetimes.

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Transition Coaching

Transitions and Times of Unexpected Crisis Call out our Courageous Selves


Perhaps you have discovered this for yourself.

You've gone through many transitions in life—

whether it’s the beginning of a new career or project,

becoming a parent or watching your children leave the nest,

moving to a new community,

or life after divorce or the death of a partner.

And then there are those times where your whole

world is turned upside down from some unexpected event.

We're all living through those times - right now!


Your personal history of transition is a great resource.


Bringing consciousness to your experience helps you to see patterns and to develop resilience and confidence.


Transition Coaching

can help you develop the unique set of skills you need to navigate challenging transitions,

so you can identify the best path forward,

feel back in control of your destiny,

and make the most of your new start.


It takes a lot of courage

to make big changes.

Give yourself the benefit of a trustworthy guide

and champion of your potential!

I look forward to meeting you and hearing YOUR unique story.

I will bring my full presence, my life wisdom and a broad range of coaching skills to help guide you through your transitions

and assist you in creating a more fulfilling life.


Transition Coaching

Transitions I work with:

Unexpected Crisis

Societal Upheaval/Change

Stepping into Adulthood

Important Life Decisions

Educational Choices

Vocational Choices

Changing Roles

Spiritual Awakenings

Starting a New Venture

Marriage / Commitment

Sexual Identity

Relationship Changes

Becoming a New Parent

Parenting Teenagers

Children Leaving Home

Moving to a new home

Mid-Life Changes

Becoming a Grandparent

Illness and Disability

Losing a Spouse

Embracing Aging

Life Review / Harvesting

Conscious Dying


I also offer


Rites of Passage

to honor your Transitions!

Working with a Life Transition Coach can help you : 


  • Discover the Core Values that can serve as an Inner Compass to Guide your Journey

  • Let Go of the Past and Harvest its Lessons

  • Befriend the Unknown

  • Learn to Trust the Process of Change

  • Develop Resilience & Creative Problem Solving

  • Break through Energetic Blockages

  • Honor your Authentic Way of Being in the World

  • Discover and Hone Your Strengths

  • Envision New Possibilities 

  • Create Realistic and Flexible Action Plans

  • Develop Support Systems and Synergistic Opportunities to Accomplish your Goals

  • Strengthen your Leadership Skills

  • Move Forward with Confidence

  • Create the Life you Long to Live!

  • Manifest your Goals!

  • Celebrate your Achievements Every Step of the Way - I will celebrate with you!

Test the Waters - Get your Feet Wet!

All my coaching begins with a free consultation,

by phone or in person, to assess your needs

and give you a sense of how coaching

can help you achieve your goals.




This session is an opportunity to see if we are a good fit - that's important!  Each coach has a unique skill set and style, and only YOU know what feels right for you! 


So, there is absolutely no pressure. 


If it feels right,

we can set up a plan for future sessions. 

If not, the conversation will be clarifying for you, and you will be one step further toward knowing what you need.

And it will be a pleasure for me to meet you!

A True Win/Win offer.      

So Get your Feet Wet!

8 Tools Transition Cover.jpg

"You can not enter the same river twice,

because both you and the river will have changed."


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