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Community Gatherings

Community is so Essential to our Well-being.

It is a gift to feel that we Belong: that there is a place where we feel welcomed, seen, heard, accepted, and encouraged; A place where we are inspired and invited to develop our gifts, to expand our vision, to affect the world around us in creative ways. Wellspring is dedicated to nurturing that kind of vibrant community. 

Here are a few of the ways we will be realizing that vision:

Spiritual Community Circles:

If you would like to find spiritual support and connection in community, I will be holding monthly circles to bring people together to explore spiritual themes in creative ways.

Each gathering will include:

  • sharing of wisdom from the treasure house of world spiritual traditions, poetry, literature, science, nature and philosophy

  • a time for meditation

  • a spiritual practice to help you integrate the insights into your life

  • music and other creative expressions

  • sharing

  • celebration

  • community building

  • food, laughter, informal conversation


A suggested donation of $15 per gathering would be appreciated.  No one will be turned away.  You can also contribute by volunteering with set-up, clean-up, music, food, or whatever other gift you can contribute.

See our calendar for dates & details.


Seasonal Potluck Dinners:

At least four times a year we will host a Community Potluck Dinner.  These events are free and open to everyone.  Just bring some food to share (enough for 6 people).  Let me know what you are bringing, so we can coordinate. 

After dinner we'll have some time to get to know each other in a deeper way through informal guided conversation and sharing.  (We'll let this happen organically, so that it feels appropriate for the group in the moment.)

Full Moon Fire Circles:

Each month we will host a fire circle near or on the night of the Full Moon.  When the weather is good, we will be outside, around a firepit.  Otherwise we will meet inside around the hearth.  These are ceremonial events, and so we ask that you arrive on time and stay through to the end of the gathering, so that the sacred circle will remain complete. 

Fire is a Sacred Element that can bring us into deeper communion with each other and with Spirit

In this anciently intuitive ceremony we gather around a ritual fire, offering gifts of gratitude and prayers of peace and healing.  We release into the fire anything we wish to let go of.  We offer prayers for those things we wish to bring into fullness. We listen as the fire speaks to each one of us. and then share from our hearts. We listen to each other from our hearts.

If you are new to fire circles, please talk with me, so I can help orient you. 

There is no charge for the ceremony itself. Free-will offerings to support this work will be gratefully received.  If you wish to help with any aspect of the preparation, that would also be appreciated.


See our calendar for details. 


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