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Energy Leadership

Did You Know that
are a Leader?

We all are leaders in some way:

at home, in our families,

in our relationships, in our work,

in our creative endeavors,

and in our communities.

The question is:

Do you lead with Consciousness and Skill?

Are you aware of how your level of energy influences

the way you "show up" in the world,

and the effect you have on others?

The world sorely needs effective leaders.

This is no time to play small.

We live in turbulent and uncertain times.

We are all in this difficult business of being human together. 

The seas are shifting beneath us, and it can be disorienting.  

But turbulent times are also incubators of transformative possibility.

I believe we are all being called to step up our game.

We are being called to respond to the challenges of our time

with a new kind of leadership: 

A leadership that is rooted in deep self-awarenes

and compassionate engagement in all areas of our lives.

A way of living that brings out our creativity, joy

and sense of adventurous fun and meaningful connection. 

A way of Be-ing that grows from honoring ecological awareness, 

interconnectedness, and intercultural wisdom.

The concept of Energy Leadership

was developed by Bruce D. Schneider of

the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

I integrate Energy Leadership

into all the coaching that I do:

Be it Life Transition Coaching,

Life Purpose Coaching, Manifest a Vision Coaching

or Spiritual Coaching.

You can also focus directly

on developing Energy Leadership


Energy Leadership Development Coaching

Energy Leadership Development Coaching is an innovative process that expands your awareness, awakens your inner purpose, deepens your learning, and fosters creative engagement with life at the highest levels of energy. 


It begins with an

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment and Debrief 

The Debrief is a one hour discussion of your results.

This will give you a good feel for how you "show up" energetically in your life, work and relationships;

and can help us to pinpoint strengths

and areas of potential growth that you can work on.


As a stand-alone, the ELI is $200,

but if you combine it with a commitment to other coaching,

that fee will be adjusted or waived. 


After the Debrief, we can work together to create

a structured but personalized program

to optimize your leadership potential and personal mastery.

Click on this link and I will contact you to answer your questions, and get you started! 

Did You Know that
are All Leaders?

"What lies behind us and what lies before us

are small matters compared to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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