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Women in Transition Peer Groups

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A Circle of Women The Most Powerful Forc
My mission is to foster a lively,
inter-generational community of empowered women who know how
to skillfully navigate life's many transitions, and who pass that knowledge on to others.
I am committed to making
Transition Coaching available to
women who might not be able
to afford it. 
Don't hesitate to ask!
(I was once a single mother raising 3 daughters on my own!  I am grateful to all who supported me through that time.)

We live in times of unprecedented change.

As the world is shifting around you and within you, give yourself the gift of a tribe of sisters to help you process all that you are experiencing and to inspire and empower you to take risks and find your way through your challenges to envision and  create a new reality.  Whatever phase of life you are in, and whatever kind of transition you are going through, you are welcome.  I have found that the collective wisdom of a group of women with diverse experience is very empowering.

These groups will be gathered in January and September, and will meet online (using Zoom) once a month for 5 months.

We'll begin our first session with attention to our group process and sharing our stories as mythic journeys. Each gathering will last 2 hours and will include centering practices, ample time for sharing our personal challenges and insights, teaching on the dynamics of transition and a group activity that is tailored to the specific needs of your group.  In between sessions you will have access to a private FaceBook group for sharing.

Each participant will also receive a 1 hour individual coaching session before the group begins, and another session before our last meeting.


Cost for the 5 month program:  $240.


I am purposefully keeping this cost low to enable more women to join us.  If this amount poses a difficulty, please speak to me about our scholarship program.  If you'd like to contribute  more to help others attend, please feel free to do so. 

When you apply, I'll schedule an introductory call, so that I can better understand your needs and place you in a group that would be most beneficial for you.  I am limiting the size of groups so that you have more opportunity for sharing.

Registration for our September 2021 group will open on August 1, 2021.

Check this page for an application form and more details.

If you'd like to be reminded when the registration opens, please use the Contact Form to send me a message, and I will make sure you get an application.

Looking forward to supporting you in your journey.

Jeanne Marie

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