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Jeanne Merkel at Greenport Dances by Est

The Five Guiding Principles of

Wellspring Inner Compass Coaching

The Five Guiding Principles of the coaching that I offer are like the Five directions of the Compass Rose:

Each points to a necessary aspect of living a full and authentic life in alignment with universal wisdom.


East - Curious Mind

The East is the place of New Beginnings - Of engaging new possibilities with playful curiosity and creativity. Beginner's Mind enables us to see our challenges from new perspectives. We begin to let go of the fearful chatter of the mind and lighten up and experiment with life.  We are carried on winds of inspiration and imagination.  We discover our inner knowing in spirited conversation. We hone the playful discipline of crafting new paradigms in synergistic collaboration.

South - Courageous Heart

The South is the place of courageous heart fire, of compassion for self and the sacred other, of opening ourselves to vulnerability and risk and healing, of speaking our truth and listening with an open heart, of facing challenges with unflinching self-honesty and courage, of tending the inter-generational fire of belonging with creative dedication, of stepping into energetic leadership, of dancing in sacred reciprocity with all of Life.

West - Intuitive Spirit

The West is the place of Intuition and Listening for Spiritual Guidance. It is a place for aligning with the principles of Life Itself and with forces that are larger than our own individual self. It is the place of deep dreaming and diving into the waters of ancestral wisdom. The West is the place of Transition and Letting Go, of developing the resilience and skill needed to navigate the uncertain currents of change. It is the place where you discover the grace of being carried by Spirit when the small self is dissolved, and the new Self is slowly emerging from the depths.

North - Embodied Wisdom

The North is the place of Embodied Wisdom, where we bring the fruits of Mind, Heart and Spirit into physical form in service to our community. It is the place of Presence: Being fully present in the moment and responding to whatever life brings from a place of integrity and care. It is a place of listening to the wisdom of our physical bodies and the wisdom of the Earth.  It is a place of Celebration and Harvest and Abundance, of taking our place in the cycles of the generations as full participants in Life. Although the North is associated with Elderhood, whatever our chronological age, this is a place for fully embodying our authentic selves.

The Center - Wellspring

The Fifth Direction is the Wellspring at the Center of the Compass Rose.  The Wellspring is the inexhaustible flow of wisdom, beauty, wonder, strength and life force that bubbles up, when we still the mind, leave behind our busyness and rediscover our Center.  It also symbolizes the unplumbed depths of the human psyche - the potential within that waits to be realized. It is you bringing forth life-giving nourishment and energizing leadership for your family, your community and the world.

As you stand at the Center of the Compass Rose, turn in each direction, honoring your life in all its richness and complexity, honoring the hard-won wisdom that you have gained from engaging the lessons of the mind, heart, spirit and body.

As you think about the challenges that brought you to seek out coaching, tune into your own inner compass, to the wisdom life has brought you.  Sense your growing edges.

Sense the guiding principles that are essential in your own life. Sense the possibilities that could arise as you fully engage your challenges with your inner compass activated.


You are invited....


to step into your power,

and should you accept the invitation..

I would be honored to work with YOU.

Step Out and Live Your Life With Boldness!

I look forward to hearing from you!  

Jeanne Marie

All my coaching begins with a free consultation.

This will give you a chance to share what you are struggling with or yearning to create in your life. I will give you feedback on how coaching can help you realize your goals, and answer your questions about the process . 


This session is an opportunity to see if we are a good fit - that's important!  Each coach has a unique skill set and style, and only YOU know what feels right for you! 


So, there is absolutely no pressure. 


If it feels right, we can set up a plan for future sessions. 

If not, the conversation will be clarifying for you, and you will be one step further toward knowing what you need. And it will be a pleasure for me to meet you!

A True Win/Win offer.      

So Get your Feet Wet!

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