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My philosophy of life and coaching:

As you may be able to tell from my website images - I love the sea and all the metaphors and tools of navigation.
I grew up in a boating family, and I was always fascinated
by nautical charts and the compass rose. 
A GPS may be able to get you where you want to go,
but the image of the Compass Rose is a universal symbol
of deep inner knowing:
of knowing where you are in this moment of time,
in relation to the unseen natural forces that guide your life,
and the rhythms and changing currents of Life itself.
The depth of this symbol is revealed to me daily in my 25 year practice of medicine wheel teachings (Native American & Celtic.) 



The Wellspring is another image that moves me.  It speaks of the inexhaustible flow of wisdom, beauty, strength and life purpose that bubbles up, when we still the mind, leave behind our busyness and rediscover our Center.  It also symbolizes the unplumbed depths of the human psyche - the potential within that waits to be realized.

Wellspring Compass Rose.jpg

These 2 images combined embody the philosophy of my coaching practice, and my engagement with life!  I hope that as you reflect on them, they will enrich your life as well!

I have explored in more detail the significance of the five directions as Principles for Wellspring Inner Compass Coaching: Curious Mind, Courageous Heart, Intuitive Spirit, Embodied Wisdom and Center Wellspring.  These come from my own experience with the Medicine Wheel.  Feel free to reflect on your own associations and values.

Click here for the Five Principles.

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