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Spiritual Counseling & Support

All of us have times in our lives, when we need a little support

or an opportunity to clarify our perspective and open to new possibilities.

We offer three ways to help you tap into your own Wellspring of Insight and Wisdom:

Interfaith Spiritual Counseling:

If you would like to gain a stronger sense of your spiritual identity, develop a spiritual practice, or clarify your values and explore how to live more fully in harmony with your goals and visions; a spiritual counseling session can be of great help .


During our individual sessions together we engage in soulful conversation to place the issues you are working with in a spiritual perspective and help you connect with your own source of intuitive guidance and wisdom.


​​​​​​​The cost is $65 for an hour and a half session.


Click Here to request more information or to schedule an appointment





Spiritual Support:

If you or a loved one are going through a difficult challenge in your life:

  • a major transition

  • an illness or disability

  • grieving a loss

  • a sense of isolation

  • feeling disconnected from your life's purpose

  • challenging family dynamics

  • a spiritual or existential crisis


I am available to offer a listening ear, a calming presence, insight, prayer, healing ritual, and practical assistance to help you to build a support network. Home visits are possible, or we can meet at my home.


There is no cost for an initial session.  If you need ongoing support, we can discuss ways to honor reciprocity.

My Philosophy:

My work is rooted in the Celtic “Anam Cara” (Soul Friend) tradition of Spiritual Companioning and the healing wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions.  I honor each person’s unique spiritual path and connection to Spirit. My philosophy is to support you in the soul work already taking place in your life with respect & compassion.  This work is not intended as psychotherapy for healing deep seated issues, but rather as spiritual support for life’s many transitions & challenges.

It is rooted in a vision of the Healing Power of Spiritual Companionship.



Spiritual Community Circles:

If you would like to find spiritual support and connection in community, I will be holding monthly circles to bring people together to explore spiritual themes in creative ways.

Click here for more details.

Peer Support Groups:

I am open to creating Peer Support Groups to meet whatever need there might be in the community.  Some possibilities include:

  • Women in Transition Support Group

  • A Support Group for Widows of all Ages

  • An Intergenerational Mother's Support Group

  • Monthly Women's Spirituality Circle

Let me know if you have a need, and I will consider creating a group to meet that need.


We also offer:
Rites of Passage, Ceremonies, and
New Mother Support. 
Click here for details.
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