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Take the Plunge!

Give yourself the gift of coaching support!

Here are 3 ways we can work together to realize your goals:




Consider making this commitment

to yourself if you are going through a major transition; or are working on a project or new venture; or if you want to make a deep and lasting change.

10 Session Package:

2 Hour Discovery Session

Nine 90 minute Sessions

Email support between sessions.



Energy Leadership Index Assessment

with a 1 hr. debrief (a $200 value)

is included with pre-payment.



Consider this option, when you want to explore the possibilities of creating a change, or if you'd like to do some self-exploration to overcome blockages, or address a challenging situation. 

4 Session trial package:

2 Hour Discovery Session

 Three 90 minute Sessions

Email support between sessions.


Add an Energy Leadership Index Assessment and 1 hour Debrief


at a discounted rate.



Consider this option when you want to work on a specific hot issue or to gain clarity on a  situation that needs immediate attention.

Single Session:

2 Hour Intensive Session


Come prepared with a clear

single topic and a readiness to engage in deep exploration.


You can follow up with additional sessions as needed, or consider a

4 or 10 session package.

​To Take Action:

  1. Schedule a Free Consultation.

  2. Begin Integrating the Insights into Your Life.

  3. Receive a Personalized Proposal based on your unique needs and life situation. (I am committed to making coaching available to people who are in need, so I charge sliding scale fees and do some pro-bono work. My mission is to be of support to my community - both local and global!).

  4. Decide How Many Sessions to Begin With.

  5. Contact Me to Arrange Your First Session.

  6. Together We'll Create Your Personalized Coaching Plan!

  7. Coaching is a Relationship - So let's keep communication open.  My promise to You:


Coaching is a fluid relationship that is responsive to changing tides and inner and outer conditions.  I will always bring myself fully present to our relationship and follow your lead, so that the coaching experience will be a fruitful one for you. 



Your commitment to the coaching work is the key to creating change, so dive in!

I look forward to our work together,

Jeanne Marie

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