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Jeanne Merkel at Greenport Dances by Est

Why Coaching?


Coaching is an invitation to step into your power:

the power of living from your Core of Authenticity

with skillful responsiveness to all life brings.

Coaching is a life-changing journey of self-discovery and commitment to consciously developing your unique gifts.

Coaching is a relationship of mutual respect and trust that calls out your strengths and sharpens your ability to envision new possibilities and take fruitful action.

Coaching is a space for You to tune in to your true desires, to leave behind the tyranny of "shoulds", and to take risks that bring you into bold engagement with your full potential.

You are invited to step into your power

and live your life boldly!



The Five Modalities of Coaching

The Five Modalities of Coaching that I offer

are like the Five directions of the Compass Rose:

Each points to a necessary step in the process of living a full and authentic life.

Life Purpose Coaching

The North is the place of Wisdom - Finding the True North of the Core Values that give your life meaning and guide you on your journey.

Manifest Your Vision Coaching

The East is the place of New Beginnings - Of expanding vision and engaging new possibilities with clarity and creativity. As we gain needed perspective, we can begin to chart a course that is aligned with our values, and take action to manifest our vision.

Energy Leadership Development Coaching

The South is the place of creative fire, of relationship and community, of stepping into energetic leadership. It is a place for manifesting visions through synergistic engagement with others.

Transition Coaching

The West is the place of Change and Letting Go,

a place for developing the resilience and skill needed to navigate the uncertain currents of change.  It is a place for taking stock of your strengths and past accomplishments, working through blockages, creating your new reality, and coming out the other side with renewed vitality and vision.

The Center Wellspring - Spiritual Coaching

The Fifth Direction is the Wellspring at the Center of the Compass Rose.  The Wellspring is You when connected to Source and to your Center. It is You, drawing on deep wellsprings of strength and vision and embodying your unique gifts and full potential. It is you bringing forth life-giving nourishment and energizing leadership for your family, your community and the world.

Spiritual Coaching is an opportunity to deepen your connection to Spirit, and to remember your childhood sense of wonder and aliveness. It is a place for developing a skillful practice of self-awareness and mindful engagement with life that will inform and enrich all of your actions in the outer world

As you stand at the Center of Your Compass,

As the Decider who sees the larger picture,

Which Direction feels like the best starting point for you at this moment in your life?

We can start there....

Or we can create an integrated coaching program that engages elements of each modality to best serve your needs.

You are invited....

and should you accept the invitation..

I would be honored to work with YOU, as you claim your power to consciously shape your life.

Step Out and Dance Your Life With Boldness!

I look forward to hearing from you!  

Jeanne Marie

All my coaching begins with a free consultation.

This will give you a chance to share what you are struggling with or yearning to create in your life. I will give you feedback on how coaching can help you realize your goals, and answer your questions about the process . 


This session is an opportunity to see if we are a good fit - that's important!  Each coach has a unique skill set and style, and only YOU know what feels right for you! 


So, there is absolutely no pressure. 


If it feels right, we can set up a plan for future sessions. 

If not, the conversation will be clarifying for you, and you will be one step further toward knowing what you need. And it will be a pleasure for me to meet you!

A True Win/Win offer.      

So Get your Feet Wet!

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